About Anne

Hello, I’m Anne Hendricks – a UX Designer and Lifecycle Marketing Manager. I graduated from the University of Washington in 2016 with a Masters of Science degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering. I currently am working at Wizards of the Coast focusing on the Magic: The Gathering website.

With each project I bring a unique vision with my background in design and user experience. I make products that are both marketable and functional emphasizing the core belief that usability and design go hand in hand.

With over ten years of design experience I have a depth of knowledge and understanding of projects from conception to completion. I possess skill duality – strong visual design background in addition to the knowledge principles of User Experience. I will bring my knowledge garnered from previous projects and assess the current needs to deliver assets and make a successful project, with great attention to detail, the ability to assess and predict the project needs, and the ability to quickly adjust to changes. I enjoy bringing new ideas to the table, and to push for improvement in shaping a better user experience. I’m also not afraid to examine requests for clarification thereby ensuring the requests ultimately align with business goals and branding expectations.

Outside of my UX and Marketing life I am a Mom of three who loves to bake and garden.